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"All Swell that End Swell"

Pre & Post-Surgical Applications of Complex Lymphoedema Therapy

Regeneration of lymphatic vessels begins after 24 hrs max. Regeneration attained on day 14, local lymphoedema may occur in the wound after scarring has taken place.

Pre-Surgery Benefits

Prepares tissue for surgery, alleviates oedema so surgery can be scheduled earlier, detoxifies tissue, stimulates the immune system, promotes parasympathetic response, prepares a plan for post-surgery.

Post-Surgery Benefits

As soon as 24 hrs after surgery, alleviates post-surgery oedema, helps stimulate lymphatic “reroutes”, reduces pain, spasms and cell debris, stimulates fluid circulation and promotes urination, prevents post-surgical infections, improves skin regeneration and wound healing optimizing the scarring process and helps to prevent the formation of hypertrophic or keloid scars.

Complex Lymphoedema Therapy

Consisting of :-

  1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  2. Manual Lymphatic Mapping
  3. Compression Garments - General, Post Liposuction, Custom Flat Knit & Reid Sleeve
  4. Exercise Prescription
  5. Diet Advice
  6. Self Education
  7. Travel Advice
  8. Automated Compression Therapy
  9. Cold Laser Therapy
  10. Ultrasound Therapy
  11. Kinesio Taping Application
  12. Dry Brushing Techniques
  13. Hormone Balancing
  14. Breast Health
  15. Structural Correction
  16. Remedial Massage working with the Lymphatic System to ease muscle tension without the bruising

Complex Lymphoedema Therapy

Automated Compression Therapy

Kinesio Taping